What is a trunk type filter?

One of the most popular types of cleaning equipment is trunk filters. They are mounted directly into the pipeline system. The main characteristic of such models is high flow capacity. Every minute, depending on the model, they are ready to purify up to 50 liters of water. Therefore, they can be used not only in small apartments, but also in large private houses and various public institutions.


The main filter is mounted directly on the inlet of the pipe into the house, which makes it possible to receive water from all taps that have been cleaned. Such purification systems protect against large pollutants, impurities of a certain type. However, it is not recommended to use water after purification by the main equipment for drinking and cooking drinks. Even fine water purification is necessary. Especially if it is supplied from a communal pipeline or not deep private wells.


Why is it so important to use trunk filters?

The use of trunk filters allows to protect household appliances, sanitary ware, as well as the human body from impurities of the following type:

  • mechanical - sand, silt, scale, rust, etc.;

  • hardness salts;

  • excess iron;

  • chlorine;

  • hydrogen sulfide.


Such preliminary removal is very important, even if you use fine filters. After all, water used for domestic purposes, but not pre-treated, can also have a negative impact on the human body. Naturally, the household appliances also suffer from it. For example, hard salts are deposited as scales on the heating elements of washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Which leads to their premature failure. Suspended particles can lead to clogging of taps, household appliances. And lead to damage to fine water treatment systems.


Different types of trunk filters

There are several types of trunk filters. They are used depending on the type of impurities prevailing in water. Accordingly, they are called these contaminants. Main-line filters can be used for both hot and cold water. For hot water, equipment is mainly used to remove mechanical particles and hardness salts as well as chlorine. This helps to protect household appliances, heating equipment from damage by large particles, scale deposits and your body, hair from chlorine during bathing.

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